The Maritime UFO Files reached the shelves of Canadian bookstores on Novenmber 3, 1998. Since its release it has been on and off the best seller's lists of several of the largest stores in Eastern Canada and has been sold widely throughout Canada and the United States. It has been favourably reviewed by some of eastern Canada's foremost Newspapers including the Telegraph Journal in New Brunswick and the Evening Telegraph in Newfoundland. Interest in this topic and its locale has resulted in an continuing round of radio, television, newspaper and periodical interviews.

The Maritime UFO Files, as the title suggests, is a collection of UFO reports from Eastern Canada, ranging from Newfoundland/Labrador to Prince Edward Island, from New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. The majority of the reports are from military [Canadian, American French and British] and RCMP documents gleened from the records of the National Archives and the National Research Council in Ottawa. There are, however, many other report sources such as those by private individuals and UFO researchers from other countries of the world who have stumbled across cases in this region while researching their own areas of interest.

When the book Maritime UFO Files was first invisioned the author, Don Ledger, was unaware of the depth of material existing regarding UFO sightings in eastern Canada. It was therefore somewhat of a shock to him, and apparently from reader feedback it was to the people of eastern Canada, that such a rich history of UFO sigtings was available. Building on official documents and those from the general public and professional people Mr. Ledger has put together a mosaic of UFO sightings stretching back nearly 80 years.

Mr. Ledger was impressed with the wealth of information on UFO incidents in eastern Canada and the detail found in the government documents. As well the author was surprised to discover that there were cases on the east coast that rivaled some of the more high profile sightings in the United States and elsewhere. The Shag Harbour Incident is probably the most intriguing UFO sighting to come to light in the last 70 years, outstripping the Roswell Incident in the sheer weight of its witnesses and documentation. The Shearwater UFO radar and visual sighting of 1950 and the preparations made by the military to shoot one down is another facinating case. The Skewes sightings in 1969, the fire ringed UFO in St.John's, Newfoundland in 1953, the Robicheau car chase near Richibucto, N.B. and the RCAF sightings in Summerside, P.E.I. in the 60s are just a few examples some 150 cases in the Maritime UFO Files.

One of Mr. Ledger's complaints is that he wishes that he had had some of those cases reported to him after the books's publication so that he could have included them in the Maritime UFO Files. Dozens were reported to him or related to him during book signings and media interviews. "It seemed that every second or third person had a sighting or knew of someone that had one. Very few were sceptical or indignant about the subject matter." he said. He was surprised by those people attending several library presenations he gave on UFOs that were in professions such as engineers, pilots, nurses, a couple of doctors and a university professor who wanted to talk about a sighting they had.

UFOs it seems...are everywhere.

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